Sunday, January 10, 2010

Poken, the latest way to network

Have you been pokened recently? Yes, not poked, pokened! It is far less painful and far more amusing. Pokening will shortly have to be added to our vocabulary. One may describe the practice as the mating of two palm-held digital devices the size of a USB key «to share your contact details and online social networks in the real world. ». Think of it as a Web 2.0 era business card and of a new way of shaking hands. Although there are more «serious» looking models, the poken you’ll want as an ice-breaker in a party is the pokenSPARK TM, a smiling figurine not unlike the famed smileys, offered in a variety of designs and colours.

Even if you don’t own a poken yet, you may still sign up and create an account in the pokenverse to explore some of the features of this latest social network.

You can order one from an authorized online reseller. More about this latest techno-gadget in coming columns, after I receive the ones I’ve ordered and had a chance to use it.

My initial reaction: a brilliant idea that will soon catch on.

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