Saturday, May 30, 2009

Buyer beware!

What we have all noticed in supermarkets has been confirmed by Statistics Canada; for the period of 12 months ending in April, the price of food bought in stores has increased significantly. The average increase is 8.3%, but this statistic hides another reality; the price of some foods has increased much more. Such is the case of fresh vegetables (+26.0%) and fresh fruits (+16.8%), of which Health Canada recommends between 7 and 10 portions daily for adults. For these products, the consumer must absolutely compare prices in different stores, because differences are important and prices vary considerably from week to week.

The consumer must also be vigilant with respect to changes in product sizes, a phenomenon that manifests itself in recent years, but gains momentum it would seem. Thus, I have recently noticed that the large size of cheese bar of a well known brand has recently diminished from 600 g to 500 g... while its price increased.

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