Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Results of the mini survey about Mega shopping centers

Since the televised debate on «Il va y avoir du sport», on the theme «For or against Mega shopping centers», some expressed their surprise seeing me present the positive aspects of Mega shopping centers.

It is rather curious because I have never been moralizing towards consumption; as I write in my blog presentation, «I claim myself to be a moderate critic of consumption. While I recognize the benefits, even the necessity, of a measured and responsible consumption, I want to denounce its pernicious effects and questionable practices. »

I am thus especially pleased to have participated in this show because it was an opportunity for me to clarify my position with regards to consumption.

One must also not forget that this kind of televised debate is planned to polarize the debate… to better entertain the audience; the producer most certainly does not want participants in the debate to present the pros and cons of an issue, which would have been my preferred position.

Finally, the debate having been focused on issues related to the environment, ecology and urban development, little analysis was made of the shopping center itself.

In my next column, I will thus further clarify my position on consumption and Mega shopping centers. For now, here are the results of last week’s mini survey.

Results take into account responses from the English and French blogs, 82 people in all; statistically speaking, this number of respondents is low. The error margin is thus higher than the norm: 11% at a 95% confidence level, the proverbial 19 times out of 20. As with all such «question of the day» type surveys, now found in several media, the sample has not been selected according using a probabilistic methodology.

Clicking here will allow you to see a graph presenting, in percentages, responses obtained, as well as the minimum and maximum based on the error margin.

Given this 11% error margin, one can say that people are almost equally divided on the question «For or against Mega shopping centers? » Nothing wondrous!

In the midst of those "Against", one can find amongst others druids of the environment and hard core apostles of simple living, for whom shopping malls, Mega or not, are dens of vice. There are however a number of people who do not like the concept of «Mega Center», as I was saying in Nathalie Villeneuve’s excellent article «Les limites de la démesure» (The limits of excessiveness).

Climate is obviously a drawback and purchase behaviour is different from what one can observe in traditional closed mall type centers.

In my next column, I will elaborate on this issue in addition to clarifying my position on consumption and Mega shopping centers.

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